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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 26, 2013 11:00am-1:30pm PST

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coming back here again, that it is a talking shop, a lot of hot air in the cold swiss mountains, the truth is, once you get here, there is an inaable atmosphere, a hot house arrives, and issues that you never really expected to go onto the agenda suddenly arrived. people put in the same room, ceos, ministers, ngos, yes, even old hacks like us, we come together and people start discussing issues. davos was never meant to be a place where decisions were taken, communiques written, statements made. it was always meant to be that place where you had a conversation an idea was sparked. do you need to bring 5,000 people? no, but at least it exists. >> it was a week where we've learned a lot and spoken to a lot of people and hopefully given our viewers some access to
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them. thank you for teaching me the ropes. you can have your bell back. i want to hear what you think about davos. my interview with congressman canter or anything else we discussed today. find me at velshi and tweet me @ali velshi. have great weekend. thanks for watching. you can catch us every saturday 1:00 p.m. eastern, sunday at 3:00, plus weekdays at 3:30. i'll see you back income new i'll see you back income new york next week. -- captions by vitac -- it's 2:00 p.m. on the east coast, 11:00 a.m. out west. thanks for joining us. i miguel marquez in for fredricka whitfield. here are the top stories. extreme arctic weather is making it unbearable for people in the dakotas all the way to new england. the cold is so bitter water can't flow out of this hydrant
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in new york. it turned rock solid as firefighters chipped away at the south, icy roads blamed for this ten-car pile-up last night. the national weather service warns bitterly cold possibly deadly conditions will continue for much of the country through the weekend. want to bring in meteorologist alexandre steel in the cnn weather service and in winter white. what's coming up with the weather? >> it's almost a joke miguel. earlier today we talked about they canceled the polar bear plunge because it was too cold. how cold is it? the good news, the arctic air that's been the culprit for this cold is this trough with this arctic air. but that will push eastward and in its place a warm ridge of pressure. so this ridge of high pressure moves in, allow for the south lit flow of air and warmer temperatures. on the whole this week, temperatures about 20 degrees warmer than where they've been. indicative of this, right now it's 22 in chicago.
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by monday, it will be 44. indy 50 by monday and the access of that warmth pushes south and east. louisville, nashville, remember yesterday ensconced in freezing rain? 68 flirting with 70 on tuesday. and it even moves further still on wednesday in the south carolina area like columbia 79 flirting with 80 degrees. so in the world of the temperatures, certainly a big rebound. but there's something else. we also are going to see another freezing rain event. that's because an area of low pressure right now in the rockies will move toward chicago and minneapolis. and we're going to watch that also we do have a winter storm watch posted for chicago and minneapolis tomorrow morning through monday morning. here's where it is. tomorrow afternoon, watch the pink. that once again is the freezing rain. and it will move through through sunday night and then push eastward for the day on monday with more snow and freezing rain. so another freezing rain event for the upper midwest moving to the east for the next 24 to 4
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hours. >> a little bad and good news. thank you very, very much. the justice department is the red faced and perhaps more today after the secretive group anonymous hacked one of its web sites sometime early this morning. the group took over the site belonging to the u.s. sentencing commission, a long message and video warn warning of embarrassing disclosures about the justice department unless federal prosecutors stop going after hackers. cnn's nick valencia is covering this for us. what's the fbi saying in. >> this is a big slap in the face for the u.s. government. anonymous said they targeted the federal website because it's a section of the department of justice. they feel the department of justice has trumped up charges against high profile activists. we reached out to the fbi earlier today. our washington, d.c. bureau carol krade was able to speak to the executive assistant director of criminal cyberresponse and services branch. this is what they had to tell us. we were aware as soon as it happened. and are handling it as a criminal investigation. we are always concerned when
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someone illegally accesses another person or government agency's networking. >> but this is concerning because this is not just where they overwhelmed the server with a bunch of requests basically. they went after them. they actually took control of the server. the government takes great precautions and measures to keep this from happening. can you walk us through what they did? >> i don't know and i think that's the question right now they took control of the server. they claim they had full control of this government asset and claim in a statement that i poured over earlier this morning that's not the only government entity they had control of. we visited that ussc website just a short time ago. it's now down again. it's been back up and down throughout the morning. this happened earlier this morning shortly after midnight. for the time being, it's down again. >> anonymous wants the government leave hackers alone. i'm guessing this ain't going to help. >> they quote aaron swartz in their statement. he's a 26-year-old co-founder of
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reddit a big internet activist, high profile hacker who a couple weeks ago, he was found dead in his brooklyn apartment from apparent suicide. anonymous hackers and this group as a whole, as well swartz's family is saying the culpability lies on the department of justice. they're saying these draconian charges he was facing 35 years and $1 million in fines, up to $1 million in fines, they're saying this had something to do with why he took as a own life. no negotiation available for him. now they're saying they're hacking into government web sites because of this. and they're not negotiating either. they're saying this is the first step in a long sweeping, they're calling operation last resort where they have virtual war heads at the ready to hack into other government sites. >> it sounds like they want a war. nick, thanks you very much for keeping on top of this for us. in washington stood, demonstrators is converge on the national mall to diamond tighter
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gun controls. arne duncan told the crowd that today's march was a call to stop action to stop mass killings, not an attack on the second amendment. a small group of gun supporters held a counter demonstration nearby. hillary clinton capped off her tenure as secretary of state with some fireworks. this is some of her fiery testimony at congressional hearings this week on the attack in benghazi, libya. >> the fact is, we had four dead americans, was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some americans? >> what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we canning to prevent it from ever happening again, senator. >> now, cnn political editor paul steinhauser is with me. clinton was clearly prepared for the hearings and she has a pretty well regarded secretary of state. what do her approval numbers look like right now. >> take a look at this as we come up on what is probably
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going to be her last week as secretary of state. here's her favorable numbers from abc/"washington post" conducted just before the hearings that sound you just plays. two-thirds of americans have a favorable opinion of her. other polling from other organizations including cnn's pretty much the same numbers. those are nice numbers that anybody who may want to run for office down the road would like to have. that is the big question. what does she do next? she says she's going to become a private citizen again and see has said over and over she has no interest in running for office again. office meaning the white house. but listen, there's a lot of pressure from a lot of democrats on hillary clinton. stay tuned. i've been talking to some advisors to her and they say it's way too early for her to have any kind of decision. we're a long way from 2016 but maybe not that long away. >> those polls can be fickle sometimes, can't they. >> they can. but in her case the numbers have been very high. if she decides to run for office, we'll see. >> yeah, let's talk the rnc and
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louisiana's bobby jindal. fireworks at the rnc. tell us about that. >> as the republican party looks to the future and tries to rebound from the election anesthesia have a lots to change. they didn't win the whus in november, they lost seats in the senate and while they kept control of the house, they lost a few seats there. as you mentioned, the republican national committee meeting over the last couple days and bobby jindal had very tough medicine for his fellow party people. take a listen. >> we've got to stop being the stupid party. and i'm serious. it's time for a new republican party that talks like adults. it's time for us to articulate our plans and visions for america in real terms. it's no secret we had a number of republicans that damaged the brand with offensive and bizarre comments. we've had enough of that. >> i think jindal may be talking about those republican senate candidates in missouri and indiana who are controversial comments about rape and abortion. they were expected to win their elections and did not.
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at the same time the chairman of the republican national committee, reince priebus is doing a big plan to figure out what went wrong in november in the elections. you know, i know, republicans did not do well at all with latino voters. did not do well at all with african-americans or asian voters. >> it will be interesting to see them sort through all of that. a little breaking news, another senator bites it, iowa democratic senator tom harkin is retiring. what can you tell us about that and how does this play out in iowa? >> i think republicans are happy about this one. harkin has been in the senate a long time, five terms. is healnounce later today he will not one for a sixth term next year. he'll retire rather than one for re-election. he is now the third senator this year to say i'm not going to run for re-election next year. jay rockefeller also announced he would retire next year. and just yesterday in georgia, saxby chambliss, the republican down there said he wouldn't run. here's where it stands right now
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by the numbers. 55/45, democrats have a 55-45 majority in the senate. next year, they're going to be defending 21 of the 35 seats up for grabs. republicans think maybe they have a shot to do what they couldn't do this past november, take back the senate. >> paul, the voice of reason, thank you very much. survive the cold up there in washington. . the catholic church is one of the most staunch abortion voices believing life begins at conception. but after a mother and her twin boys guide at birth, a catholic hospital is arguing fetuses are not people. >> there wasn't one person that went into that er. there were three. >> jeremy stodghill's wife lori, seven months pregnant with his twin boys. it was new year's day, 2006. lori was vomiting and couldn't breathe. jeremy rushed her to st. thomas more hospital in canyon city, colorado. >> lori looked up at me and her
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head went down on her heft. >> in the lobby of the emergency room she went into the full cardiac arrest. lori stodghill, just 31 years old. died. and so did her 268 week long unborn twins. >> i didn't get to hold them. i have an autopsy picture. that's all i've got. >> stodghill sued the hospital and its owner catholic health initiatives which operates nearly 80 hospitals in 14 states. he filed the wrongful death suit on behalf of his wife and his unborn twin sons. in court, he was stunned to learn the hospital's defense. >> how many people does a hospital say you lost that day? >> one. >> since they weren't born, they weren't people. they did not qualify as a person. >> that's right. catholic health initiatives has argued that under colorado law, to be a person one must at some point have been born alive. a glaring contradiction to
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catholic church teachings which says begins as the conception. catholic officials said in a statement in this case as catholic organizations we are in union with the moral teachings of the church. that doesn't add up if this case. as a catholic organization, the hospital is supposed to follow the chunk's teachings laid out in the ethical and religious directives from the u.s. council of bishops. no abortions, no contraceptives, nos direct sterilization and it clearly states, cath hick health ministry witnesses to the sangity of life from the moment of conception until death. while the moral debate continues so does jeremy's legal battle. after he lost in the lower courts, the defense lawyers for the doctors and the hospital owned by catholic health initiatives went after him for $118,000 in legal fees, garnishing his wages. >> bye. >> he's now bankrupt and
11:14 am
struggling to care for his daughters 9-year-old libby on his own. >> tears, the pain, the heart ache. still. seven years later. >> that pain is why he won't give up. he's now appealing to colorado's supreme court asking them to decide if his sons were people under the state's laws. >> will it make you feel better to get some sort of answer from the catholic church? >> i don't know. perhaps it will be closure. >> a permanent reminder next to his heart. >> that's the footprints of the boys. >> a tattoo, two sets of footprints and the words our sons. children in his eyes, fighting to get a state and church institution to see them that way, as well. the catholic bishops of colorado would not speak to cnn on camera, but released this statement saying "we willal undertake a full review of this litigation and of the policies
11:15 am
and practices of catholic health initiatives to ensure fidelity and faithful witness to the teachings of the catholic church." an appearance of back pedding from the hospital's current legal stance. congress law, canyon city, colorado. >> actor burt reynolds is said to be doing better after being hospitalized for the flu. a representative says he was dehydrated and placed in intensive care in a florida hospital and expected to move to a regular room soon. placing women on the frontlines of war. ahead, a decorated air force major who has been in the thick of combat tells us what she thinks it will mean for women in the military. and why some are calling the nfl's biggest game the har-bowl. who's got edge, jim or john harbaugh? we've got an expert up with some answers. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her likes 50% more cash, but i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes.
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u.s. economy had a decent week though one iconic firm did not close where investors were hoping. here's alison kosik. >> stocks continue their january run-up with the dow closing higher for the 11th time in 12 sessions friday. the s&p 500 which most american portfolios tracks will rose above the 1500 mark for the first time in five years. corporate earning season continued full speed ahead with a huge batch of technology companies report package netflix, ibm and google all topped estimates in the latest quarter. but apple was one notable disappointment. though the gadget giant beat profit expectations it missed on revenue and didn't sell quite as many iphones as wall street would have liked and closed
11:19 am
friday at $448 after rising to $705 a few months ago. on the housing front, existing home sales unexpectedly fell 1% in december. analysts had been expecting it to rise. the good news is, 2012 still marked the best december for home sales in five years. record low mortgage rates, lower unemployment and a rebound in prices have all helped to give the housing market momentum. friday marked treasury secretary tim geithner's last day on the job after four years. it was under his watch that the country saw huge financial bailouts and new wall street regulations. outgoing white house chief of staff jack lew is likely to take over his post. miguel? >> thank you very much. we'll see if the market can continue its forward march after the morning bell on monday. in an instant, one man's life was changed forever. now he's using his serious injury to help others change their lives for the better. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid.
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>> this is a major step that it is long overdue but is great rec nice now, not only of all the women currently serving overseas many of them in these combat type situations already, but for women who have ever served. we've got over 1.million women veterans across the country. >> that was tuls sy gabbard of hawaii talking about the decision to allow women to be in frontline combat positions. major allison black knows what it's like firsthand to perform combat. she received a combat medal. she flew an ac-1309 gunship.
11:23 am
major black joins me from florida. tell us about that incredible mig in afghanistan. did you have any idea you were going to make history in it? >> no, absolutely not. you know, we've trained -- i trained for years to be able to execute ta mission. and we just rolled in to support the ground forces and were able to execute flawlessly and make a difference. >> how were you received in afghanistan by not only fellow airmen but afghan counterparts, as well? >> i've been fortunate in my career that and especially in the gunship and special operations community that gender has never been an issue. we deploy together as a crew. we're performance based, go in and execute perfectly the first time every time. so it has never been an issue internally. externally when we were delivering our weapons to the enemy, and they could hear female voices on the radio it definitely caught them off guard.
11:24 am
they were not prepared for having us on the battlefield. >> yeah. i've spent a bit of time in both afghanistan and in iraq. i've seen women in just about every role in combat situations in those places. i mean, they are taking risks already. what did you think when the president made this announcement? >> i thought it was just another example of what makes this country so great. it's opportunity. you know, directly it doesn't impact my career specifically because i've always been afforded the opportunity to go back and forth to the front lines and to be involved in combat operations, but i think it's great. i look forward to the opportunity to lead as the culture it will change to make a difference and hopefully guide our future force. >> yeah, and given that women serve so broadly already in the military, and this is just getting them on the frontline, what do you think it will mean for women practically that are serving in military?
11:25 am
>> i think it -- there's going to be the standard and the standard feeds to remain the same. you need to be physically, mentally and technically capable to do whatever job it is. and if you can meet those standards, bring it. you know, gender aside, we have to prepare our forces for the future fight. and it's dynamic, it's evolving, ever-changing. so introducing women into those key roles will be -- might be that critical punch we need to deliver to the future enemy. >> do you think women should have to register for the draft then? >> i think -- i think it's another decision that has yet to be made. i don't think we should be excluded if our lawmakers decide that's what we need to do, absolutely. >> thank you very, very much for joining us, major. >> you're very welcome. i'm honored and humbled to represent our community today. thank you. >> interesting times. thank you. a man was in the prime of
11:26 am
his life when an accident confined him to a wheelchair. now he's turned his experience into a business that helps others. dr. sanjay gupta has his story in this week's "human factor." >> i was playing volleyball at the beach and just dove in for a swim to cool off. >> what happened next would change his life forever. >> i dove through a wave and there was a sandbar behind the wave and i hit my head and fraud my c 5 and 6 vertebrae. >> he spent fwhonts in the icu with complications. eventually he recovered enough to start the rehab process but the only program available for his specific needs was more than 2,000 miles away. >> it's shocking to think that i had to go all the way to kentucky to get the best rehab which is obviously what anybody wants in this wags. >> so he left everything behind and moved to louisville for the next year. he made some good progress. but for anyone with a spinal cord injury, rehab is truly a lifelong process. so he started asking himself,
11:27 am
what's next? >> why don't we take what they're doing at frazier rehab out of the hospital-based center and into a community-based facility. >> that's just what he did. immediately after returning to california, he put his business savvy to good use and opened next step fitness, the first rehab gym outside of a hospital setting. and remember, he's not just the president of this enterprise. he's also the client. >> i'm able to stand now for about 45 seconds to a minute. once somebody helps me up, walk with a walker for probably a couple hundred feet. so you know, i definitely believe there's hope for me. >> training here cost allot. it's up to $1600 a month but he says that's a lot less than what his training costs elsewhere. scholarships for low income families are available. >> our goal is to open these community-based facilities across the country to make sure that people with any type of physical disability have access.
11:28 am
>> find a hidden toxin in your hoax on sanjay gupta m.d. today at 4:30 eastern and sunday morning at 7:30 eastern. it's being called the har boll, two brothers both coaches battling from the sboel sidelines. what will dinner be like an the harbaugh house after one wins the big game? not good i'm guessing and which coach has the upper hand? big brother or baby brother jim? ♪
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it's 2:30 p.m. on the east coast, 11:30 out west for those of you tuning in, thanks for joining us. i miguel marquez in for frederick wa whitfield. here are the top stories. legislation in new mexico is raising eyebrows because it appears to make rape victims criminals if they seek abortion. as written, the bill from state representative catherine brown considers seeking or getting an abortion as tamperinging with evidence in rape cases. brown says there was a language error in the bill. kqre reports she's drafting a bill making it clear they could notten charged if they seek an abortion. lance armstrong is ready to cooperate with the international agency digging into doping but not the u.s. anti-doping body. the usa da was given him till february 6th to talk to them in an interview to be broadcast sunday on cbs' "60 minutes," usa da chief travis tiger blasted
11:32 am
claims by armstrong that he didn't cheat. >> it's amazing. i mean it, this guy could go to almost any kindergarten in this country or frankly around the world and find kids playing tag or four square and ask twhaem cheating is and every one of them will tell you it's breaking the rules of the game. no real athlete has to look up the definition of cheating. and it's offensive to clean athletes who are out there working hard to play by the rules. >> now, armstrong's lawyer says scheduling conflicts prevent his client from talking to the usa da before the february 6th deadline. we'll have more perspective on the story from our legal guys later this hour. a long-time senate democrat is ending his political run. tom harkin of iowa says he will not seek re-election in 2014. he served in the senate since 1984. he is currently chairman of the senate health change labor and pensions commission. today, a funeral mass and
11:33 am
procession for baseball hall of famer stan musial was held in st. louis. known as stan the man, he spent 22 seasons with the st. louis cardinals. fans will remember him as one of the greatest hitters of all time. he died of natural causes. he was 92 years old. if you're planning to mail off a valentine's card to your sweetie, it's going to cost you more this year. the price of a first class stamp is going up a penny starting tomorrow. it will now cost you 46 cents. and if that letter is going to either mexico or canada, it will cost you $1.05 up from 58 cents before. average it all out and postage and shipping is costing -- is rising by about 4%. and here's what's trending online. it's official. jj abrams will direct the next "star wars" film the first movie since disney agreed to acquire lucas film. he is no stranger to the blockbuster franchises. he directed the 2009 star trek
11:34 am
movie and produced "mission: impossible" ghost protocol. a federal appeals court says president obama exceeded his powers when he appointed three people to the national labor relations board during congress's winter break even though they were on break, the court ruled the senate was technically in session and the appointments are invalid. and it's going to be battle of the brothers at the super bowl. jim and john harbaugh will make history next sunday as the first brothers to coach against each other in that big game. one coach named harbaughing will win the super bowl, another named harbaugh will lose it. that much is guaranteed since john harbaugh's baltimore ravens will take on his little brother jim's hour baugh's an san francisco 49ers. but will the order in which they were born make a difference? psychologist kevin lehman is the author of the best selling book "the birth order." why you are the way you are. he join us live from tucson,
11:35 am
arizona. so who's got the upper hand here, mr. leman, the older or the younger brother? >> well, miguel, i'll tell you first borns rule. there are presidents of the united states, astronauts in outer space for the first 23, 21 first borns, two only children which are psychologically first cousins, not a middle or baby in sight. first borns do have an upper hand in many ways. >> you're not leaving me much hope. i'm a middle child. of course, the harbaughs are not the only comparison. look at a few of those. in the nfl, there are plenty of examples. >> peyton brothers. >> peyton manning and eli manning. in tennis, you've got venus and serena williams but guess who's the first born? venus. and then of course, peyton. you look at almost nel measure of success and you're going to
11:36 am
see first borns rule, which makes the super bowl interestinging is joe flacco who, of course is the ravens' quarterback is a first born son. and collin kaepernick is the youngest. essentially you've got a battle of the oldest and youngest sons. >> very interesting. and in politics, the most famous set of brothers are the kennedys. how did their birth play a role in the development of those kennedy boys? >> it's interesting, 28 of our 444 presidents have been functional first borns or first or only in their family. you look at the kennedys. older brother joe passed away, which enabled jack or john to assume that first born position. and actually, in the kennedy family in terms of the boys, there were two babies really and listen to their names. there was bobby and teddy. and so birth order, miguel, also always just rank order.
11:37 am
i've got five kids and two daughters surround my son. and he's right in the middle. is he a middle child? no, he's a first born son. in fact, he's executive producer of the ellen degeneres show". is he it's not just a matter of where you fell in the family. sometimes there's as age gap or sex differences which makes that third born or even last born seem like a first born personality. >> very interesting. now i am a middle child. i'm a very needy middle child. how does that figure into the the equation of success, failure and achievement. >> middle children, bill gates, he didn't do too bad. what was that corporation, microsoft? donald trump. i know trump has a family of four living in his hair, but i'll tell you, he's had a great career. steve forbes. so when you go down through the birth order, you're more likely to find the entrepreneur but you're almost likely going to finds that baby of the family who is most likely to throw a
11:38 am
temper tantrum on the sideline at the super bowl this year. that will be jim where older brother john is probably going to be more poised, a little bit more cautious, so the guy that's going to roll the dice at the super bowl in all probability is going to be little brother jim. >> but it sounds like you think john is the one who has the upper edge here. who do his parents root for? what do they do in. >> you know what would be ideal is if they were at the super bowl, i would love to see them after the ball game is over, just run to the 50 yard line and see who comes running to them. and my guess would be it would be baby jim, but i could be wrong. >> if you're going to bet a nickel on this game, miguel, put it on the first born. >> i have one nickel down on the first born. thank you very much, mr. leman. enjoy the super bowl. >> i will, thank you. an entire sfe city goes on a diet. only 9259,000 pounds to go, but time is running out. if you have to go out today,
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difficult to stick to one. folks in boston are finding out the hard way. the city started a mass weight loss challenge last june to lose 1 million pounds in a year with just about four months to go, bostonians have shed a little under 75,000 pounds. now the boston public health commission is trying to figure out why the city is so far from its target. i've got a question for all of you. how many of you made a new year's resolution to lose weight in 2013? i know a lot of us probably did. if you fell off the wagon, already, don't feel badly by today one-third of you have already anthony in the towel and who can you blame? there are many temptations out there that makes it hard to stay on track. what's worse, our favorite restaurant dishes pack as much as a day's worth calories or a half day's worth of calories. the center for science and the public interest took a look at some of the worst dishes you could eat in perk's favorite restaurants and the results were, frightening.
11:43 am
joining us to walk us through the study is a dite technician and fitness expert desiree nation. so the average person should have 2,000 calories a day, 1500 milligrams of sodium a day. the cheesecake factory. >> yes. >> the chicken costaletta. >> 2600 calories in one entree. people are probably eating that entire entree one sitting. it's about the same amount of calories as a 12-piece bucket from kfc. >> they a lot of calories. >> yes, it is. >> it will cost you a lot of time at the gym. >> yes, it will. >> oh, my goodness. ihop any better? >> definitely not any better. it's got the deep fried steak, eggs, the potatoes, buttermilk pancakes. it's got 1700 calories, almost a day's worth of calories and 3700
11:44 am
milligrams of sodium that is well over two days worth. >> but also delicious. >> i don't know about that. >> no? >> it doesn't look delicious to me. >> come on. >> could i get a vegetable in there? >> it's also doelicious. i love all that stuff. and let's look at johnny rockets. bacon double cheddar, what is this? a bacon cheddar double burger. that sounds great. >> no, about 1700 calories almost a day's worth. 50 grams of saturated fat. 2 1/2 days worth. tons of sodium. add the sweet potato fries. it doesn't mean they are good for you. >> come on. i thought that was good. >> no, and their big apple shake that has apple pie is not good for you just because it has apples. >> you're not fun whatsoever. >> i'm not fun at all. >> this big shake, how many calories does that have? >> i believe that one had 1300
11:45 am
calor calories. i could be wrong. >> dear. >> but it does have a lot. >> and this is -- i mean in mcdonald's terms? >> mcdonald's, i think this one was about -- okay, it's about three quarter pounders. so sitting down to eat three quarter pounders and probably sprinkling sugar on it, too. see how you feel afterwards. >> a quarter pounder with sugar, i don't know. does that work? >> no, i don't think it does. >> bacon is all right though, right? >> no. >> everything is better with bacon. >> probably tastes better. the saturated fat, it's fried. >> all right. next on the list, uno chicago grilled deep dish mac and three cheese. >> yes is made with four cups of pasta, three types of cheeses, alfredo sauce. >> yum. >> heavy cream, cheese. >> like itting. >> and chicken fat, butter and ritz cracker crumbs. it has a day's worth of calories and half a day's worth of saturated fat and two days worg
11:46 am
of sodium. that is a heart attack waiting to happen. >> you're no fun whatsoever. >> i know. >> you're taking away all the joy in life. >> i know i am. but every once in awhile it would be okay. >> all right. leslie, let's go back to the cheesecake factory for their abyss tro shimp pasta. >> yes. >> you think it's light. >> you would think. >> is it. >> just because it has shimp and mushrooms, tomato, it has the most calories. it has 3100 calories, almost 90 grams of saturated fat and it is basically three orders of olive garden's lasagna classico and an order of tir ra me sue. >> thank you very much. i don't want to see you again. now a word of warning. there's a new virus going around. we'll tell you what it is and all the symptoms. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons.
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welcome back to "newsroom." as if the flu outbreak isn't enough to worry about, the cdc says a new strain of norovirus has reached the u.s. from australia, according to the cdc it accounted for 58% of last month's stomach flu cases causing nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain. what's making this particular bug so bad?
11:50 am
dr. sanjay gupta joins me to talk about it. sanjay, what exactly is this virus? >> nobody likes talking about this stuff, right? you talk about forceful vomiting. it's called the norovirus. as you point out, if people think that this seems like a particularly bad season, it is. it's been one of the worst in several years, at least three to four years. the thing about these types of viruses is they can make people quite sick and it also overlapped on top of the other flu. so people really sort of got double hit this year. oftentimes you get reprieve in between the two, but not so much this year because the is flu virus started early. a couple things you sort of concern yourself with in terms of why this is bad. first of all, it's sort of a new virus. it came from australia. so a lot of people here in the united states had no immunity to this. it was a new virus hitting their body for the first time. that's one of the things. the second thing is that this is a highly contagious virus. so you know, you talk about some
11:51 am
viruses that can make you quite sick but they don't spread that much from person to person or even within the home. the other thing which i think is really important, miguel is that people can be contagious before they themselves get sick. so think about that for a second. anybody if you carry ta out could potentially be spreading this. you look for sick people try and avoid them. if you don't even know you have the symptoms, other people don't know you are carrying the virus, you can spread it much more easily. >> what can you do to keep from getting this virus? same as the flu. >> it's primarily the same as the flu. after awhile, i feel almost silly saying some of this stuff. if you think about it again, you touch your hand to your face several hundred times a day. even people who don't think they do, they're still doing it. and each time you do that, you touch your mouth, your nose area, could you be introducing a virus into your system. so touching a surface and then touching your nose or hands is how this most commonly occurs.
11:52 am
washing your hands as often as you can, you know, i use a silly little thing. i wash my hands. i prefer so and water. sing happy birthday twice in your head. people look at you funny. if you do that, you'll probably get the hands clean. also surfaces, using your keyboard if other people use the keyboard, that's one way you can get contaminated. norovirus in particular, watch the fruits and visibles. make sure you're cleaning those really well. that's a little bit different than just the regular flu. >> we will always look the you in a funny way. thank you very much. sensible information. >> take care, miguel. well, if you're a skier, this is your time of the year. up next, we'll tell you how to find the best resorts even if you don't ski, you'll want to see these vacation spots. ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year.
11:53 am
♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪
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11:55 am
some parts of the u.s. have gone the lots of snow this week, perfect skiing conditions. jet setters kate maxwell has tips for finding the best ski resorts. >> park city is three resorts in one. park city, deer valley just for skiers and the canyon. there's an enormous area of slopes to cover. and they get about 500 inches a year so the powder is really second to none. we really like the stein eric sen lodge there. the skiers only, ski in, ski out. they have fireplaces in the rooms. and the views are spectacular.
11:56 am
>> that sounds absolutely horrible. what about vale, colorado, voky mountain high? why should i head to vail. >> it's the quintessential rocky mountain resort. it has over 5,000 skiable acres. there's really something for everyone here. this is really good network of bunny sloips and for experts lots of double diamonds. i really like the black bowls and blue sky basin. i couldn't believe how blue the sky was when i went there. we like the vail cascade resort and spa. a fantastic spa obviously. it's got an outdoor heated pool, it has fire pits. its a fantastic place to stay. vail is a very chichi resort. very good restaurants. kelly liken is one of the best, a top chef contestant and fantastic upscale shopping, as well. >> it just sounds like a terrible, terrible time. my god, how col anybody live
11:57 am
through all of that? also on your list is stow, vermont. why vermont? >> stow is for the east coasters like me. only. six hours north of new york to drive and if you get the right weekend, it can be absolutely fantastic snow. the east coast generally has had a really good season so far, probably better than the west coast. we really like stowe mountain lodge there. it's a big resort but feels very intimate. they have fire plays. one of the best restaurants in stowe is called solstice, farm to table food. very laid back vermont. great food. shops. lots of great restaurants. good galleries. it's also the home of ben & jerry's. if you're not too cold, i'd recommend a tour of the factory and sample their best ice cream. >> kate maxwell thank you very much. happy skiing and thanks for making tus all jealous. >> thanks, miguel. good to see you.
11:58 am
well, for more great tips on where to go skiing and travel, check out aways. coming up, a murder case that has everyone talking. did it woman kill her ex-boyfriend in self-defense or was it cold-blooded murder?'d it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks." your accent needs a little work. hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no...
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it's 3:00 p.m. on the east coast, noon out west for those of you just joining us. welcome to n "newsroom." i'm miguel marquez. here are the top stories we're following. demonstrators are rallying in washington today demanding tougher gun laws. several thousand actubists weathered cold temperatures to protest the white house sent secretary of education arne duncan to speak on its behalf. >> this march is a starting point. it is not an ending point. this is about action. no more talk, if not now, when? if not us, who? we must act, we must act, we must act. on behalf of president obama on behalf of the vice president, we'll do everything in our power to make sure that we pass legislation that makes our children and our families, our communities safer. >> a demonstrators want a federal ban on the sale of military style semi-automatic rifles like the one used in the
12:02 pm
newtown connecticut school massacre. a milwaukee sheriff has scary words for residents. david clark says calling 911 and waiting for the police to come and help is no longer the best option. instead people should learn to protect themselves in case they get into a dangerous situation. and here's why. >> with officers laid off and furloughed simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option. you could beg for mercy from a vi leapt criminal, hide under the bed or fight back. are you prepared? consider taking a certified safety course in handling firearm so you can defend till we get there. >> his message aired earlier this week on the radio. there's been a cyberattack on the u.s. justice department. the group anonymous apparently hacked one of the bureau's web sites and took over the sites belonging to the u.s. sentencing commission. they posted a message on the site warning of embarrassing disclosures about the futsgent unless federal prosecutors stopped going after hack areas. extreme arctic whether is
12:03 pm
making this weekend unbearable for people in the dakotas. all the way to new england. the cold is so bitter water can't glo flow out of this hydrant in new york. it turned solid as firefighters desperately chipped away at it. the national weather service is warning bitterly cold possibly deadly conditions continue for much of the country through the week. let's get back to one of our big stories. the cyberattack on the justice department website. anonymous apparently took over the website belonging to the u.s. sentencing commission. emily schmidt is following the story for us. this group often attacks in response to political events. what do you think sparked this one this time? >> what we are hearing is this was sparked by the death suicide two weeks ago of a hacker named aaron swartz. he was an internet activist so well-known for what he did to advance the spread of information on the internet, but he was also facing federal computer fraud charges. could have landed the 26-year-old in jail for about 35
12:04 pm
years. so, anonymous says it was time to act. in doing so it, targeted a u.s. government website, you may never have even looked at it before. the united states sentencing commission. anonymous says the selection was very intentional and symbolic targeting the very agency it believes has unfairly targeted hackers. now, this is what the anonymous message looked like on the sentencing commission's page. it was a really long warning threatening to release sensitive information about the department of justice and what it calls warheads. these are all named after the current supreme court justices. the only winning move this anonymous message says is not to play. the fbi has responded. speaking through its executive assistant director of the criminal cyberresponse and services branch, richard mcfeely says we were aware as soon as it happened. we're handling it as a criminal investigation. we are always concerned when someone illegally accesses another person or government agency's network. we did reach out to the department of justice.
12:05 pm
they referred us backing to that fbi statement. the cyberattack happened shortly after midnight. the website has been up and down all throughout the day. >> they have anonymous has always gone after other organizations, as well. what is their frac track record? how eb have they been in the past? how much have they done. >> we've heard their name so often, you think just back to last month when he they actually published some private information of westboro baptist church protesters because it was upset those protesters were going to be going to new town, connecticut. it acted then. last year, it actually trarly blocked access to some web sites including the fbi, the department of justice, the motion picture association and the recording industry association. it did so because anonymous said it was upset that the doj had blocked access to a website that contained a lot of pirated media. so we have certainly seenton act in the past but the real challenge here when you're talking about anonymous is there's no one person, no really rigid group. it's made up of so many
12:06 pm
amorphous groups of activists it's hard to know how they are working together. but what the government does know, miguel, is that it potentially allows these hackers to inflict damages from a lot of different directions, not just one targeted place. >> indeed, a lot of these attacks could be coming from overseas. do you have any sense of where the investigation is right now? who controls the website and how serious was this attack? >> it's hard to know. the only official statement from the department of justice, the white house referred us back to the fbi statement i read to you, so the official line is very much contained to what we said. but also we are now more than 12 hours from when that website was first targeted and breached. as we said, it is still up and down, depending upon the moment that you look on if. so we see that there is a continuing impact going on while this investigation continues. >> all right. emily schmidt in washington, thank you very much for keeping track of it. a veteran "uss senator is calling it quits. liberal iowa lawmaker tom harkin
12:07 pm
will not seek a sixth term next year. he served in the house for ten years before iowans sent him to the senate in 1984. first the u.s. and now south korea. north korea is threatening both countries over the u.n.-imposed tougher sanctions against it. so is it just rhetoric or does north korea really have the capability to attack? pentagon correspondent barbara starr has the details. >> miguel, the rhetoric out of north korea is hot. but the question is how much of a threat does their nuclear program really pose? [ speaking foreign language ] >> north korea's latest saber rattling. threatening the south just one day after pyongyang said it will lob missiles at the u.s. and conduct a new nuclear test leave nothing doubt leader kim yong u.n. isn't giving up his father's nuclear program. u.s. might not have the advance
12:08 pm
warning of a new underground test. >> they have the capability, frankly to, conduct these tests in a way that make it very difficult to determine whether or not they are doing it. >> but there are signs they're ready to test if ordered. >> the north koreans are maintaining fairly high state of readiness at the test site. and that means that if the order is given from pyongyanging to go ahead, they can probably conduct the test in a few weeks. >> satellite imagery shows a tunnel entrance where the device may undergo final assembly. a bunker for personnel and equipment. and a communications network to make sure the order to detonate can be carried out. north korea's weapons grade inventory is believed to include plutonium for up to 12 devices, and enough enriched uranium for six more. how dangerous is all of this? >> i still think we're years away from north korea having a capableable to deliver a nuclear
12:09 pm
warhead on a missile even to a country as close as japan or south korea and they're even further away fromming a long-range missile that could hit the united states. >> but north korea's nuclear threat is it closer, a lot closer than iran's. north korea has nuclear devices, iran does not. north korea has weapons grade material. iran does not. and north korea has tested long-range missiles that could carry a nuclear warhead. iran has not. in a new test, the north korean regime has to show its bomb design actually, would. a 2006 test basically fizzled. a 2009 test worked better. it was half as powerful as the bomb that destroyed hiroshima. if it went off at the u.s. capital, it would obliterate two square miles. some experts believe if the pace of activity continues at the site, a nuclear test could come at any time. miguel? >> barbara starr, thank you.
12:10 pm
actor burt reynolds is said to be doing better after being hospitalized for the flu. a representative for the actor says reynolds was dehydrated and placed in intensive care in a florida hospital hospital. expected to be moved to a regular room soon. secretary of state hillary clinton will soon be leaving the state department and she wrapped up her tenure firing back at capitol hill critics. where will she go from here? a big merurder trial is und way. a jury has to decide if the woman is a victim or a cold-blooded killer. and later more than 3 million people get facebook updates from him every day. george tee kay, the writer, director and actor who played mr. sulu onstar trek" about join us live to talk about his new book. can't wait. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all?
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dead americans. was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they would go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator. >> secretary of state hillary clinton there defending her ground standing it, as well during a heated senate hearing on benghazi, libya. that's likely the last time she will testify at secretary of state now that she's hanging up her diplomatic wings. we say her wings because in her job she's logged more than 1 million miles flying to 112 countries more than any other secretary of state. someone who knows the secretary well is and marie slaughter who worked for mrs. clinton at the state department and now a professor at princeton
12:14 pm
university. secretary clinton showed the fighting spirit during those capitol hill hearings on the benghazi attack. is that the real hillary clinton, a fighter? and how will her answers impact her political future? >> i think that's part of who she is. she holds her ground and there she was defending the state department, defending her own desire to figure out what was wrong, and holding her ground. but you know, that's just part of who she is. she is someone who, you know, would on behalf of the nation every single day. she can be smart, she can be warm. she can be strong. you know, she's the real deal. >> and does she want to be president? >> you know, i don't even know if she knows the answer to that. she needs a rest. she truly, truly needs a rest before she thinks about the future. >> well, she's got maybe 2 1/2 years to rest up. do you think she has -- let me come back to that. that's a question in everybody's
12:15 pm
mind. does she have it in her, do you think? is that a role she would like to finish off with? >> well, you know, i think he's very proud of the role she's done as secretary of state. she really has been an extraordinary secretary of state, not just the miles she's traveled, but you know, real diplomatic successes with russia, with china and libya. and she's really i think -- she embodies the united states to many nations in a very positive way. so i think this is a performance that she can be very proud of. and she can do anything. that i'm quite convinced of. it's just a question of what she wants her next step to be. >> people across account world do have great respect for you. what would you say are her highest points? what can she point to, assuming she does run for the presidency in a couple of years, what can she point to to say i did that, that has my signature on it.
12:16 pm
>> well, she can point to resetting relations with russia so that we got a start treaty, the first nuclear arms treaty we've gotten in a long time and one of the first treaties that the senate has passed in a long time. she can say i went toe to toe with china in a human rights crisis and got a dissident released and she can say i was on the right side of wanting to intervene in libya in a way that will toppled gadhafi and really did support the arab spring protesters. obviously, nobody wanted what happened in benghazi, but at the same time, the majority of the libyan people are the most pro-american of any arab country. >> yeah, this is a woman who has had a tumultuous but fascinating life, criticized by many women for not dumping bill during the lewinsky affair, criticized for liberal positions and took heat
12:17 pm
from her own party when she initially supported going into iraq, yet still one of the most admired women in the world. why do you think that? >> i think it's because she, would incredibly hard and people can see it. she said at the end of her presidential campaign that she would work for the american people. she would fight for them, and that's what we've watched her do over the past four years. so she's strong. she, would hard. she's incredibly smart. i think people have seen the person, the real person, not the person manufactured by the media, and they like what they see. >> john kerry, he's -- vote will be taking place shortly. he's testified. what do you think her suggestions, recommendation were to him as he took the hot seat? >> one thing i learned working for her, i'm not going to try to put words in her mouth. i think his real challenge is to keep alive all the things that secretary clinton did that the public doesn't see.
12:18 pm
building the tools of smart power. making sure that we have a foreign policy that can doing development as well as diplomacy that can reach out to women's groups, to youth, to entrepreneurs, to religious groups. that's the softer side. but it's also the smart side. and it's not john kerry's natural bailiwick, but it's very important that he build on that legacy. >> i take it that state department will be much different under kerry. and marie slaughter, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. a woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend more than 20 times is claiming self-defense. it's one of the hottest trials going on right now. we'll dig deeper on the jodi arias trial with hln's jane velez-mitchell just ahead. >> one day when he drove home from a little league game, i saw a homeless man with a cardboard sign that said "need a meal." so i told my mom i wanted to do
12:19 pm
something. >> will larsy is a 9-year-old child. i hesitate to call him child. i think he's in a category of his own. as a 7-year-old, he decided he was going to take on this issue of hunger. >> welcome to frogs. >> my group is called frogs and it means friends reaching our goals and our motto is having fun while helping others. i want you to write what we can do for a spring sflooj will's big personality does not come from me. >> fire me up. pepper me. >> i think every time you meet will, you look at him and you say, are you kidding me? but together with his buddies, they have raised over $20,000 or the equivalent of 100,000 meals for tarrant area food banks. >> man from india. >> these peaches are a delight. >> when you see somebody who gets so engaged and gets so much of the community engaged, it's an endorsement of the battle we
12:20 pm
fight to end hunger. >> thank you for taking the time to remember. you've made a big difference. ♪ ♪ ♪ hi dad. many years from now, when the subaru is theirs... hey. you missed a spot. ...i'll look back on this day and laugh. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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12:22 pm
after years of delays, a high profile murder trial is under way in arizona. the brutality of the case is remarkable. travis alexander was shot in the face, stabbed 29 times, his
12:23 pm
throat slit. prosecutors have charged his ex-girlfriend jodi arias. she has admitted killing him after a tumultuous relationship and apparently claiming self-defense. her lawyers have revealed their witness list and arias is on it. i asked jane velez-mitchell if this defense has any chance at all. >> well, all the experts say absolutely not but after seeing many cases where all the experts said that it was overwhelming, you look at the o.j. simpson, the michael jackson child molestation trial and the casey anthony case where everybody was saying absolute conviction, and then there's acquittal, you never say never because in megatrials they are like run away freight trains. you don't know what can happen. >> but there is a lot of evidence against her. this is a woman who changed her story twice, who has now admitted shooting him in the face and stabbing him many times. it just seems like an open and shut case. >> it does seem like an open and shut case. she is essentially trying to
12:24 pm
pull out the rug from under the prosecution's case by admitting, owning a lot of it saying i was there after lying. at first she said she wasn't there, then said some ninjas did a home invasion. when confronted with overwhelming forensic evidence, her palm print mixed with his blood, she said yes, i was there. dy kill him and slice his throat. dy stab him 29 times, i did shoot him in the face but it was self-defense. how she's going to be able to make an argument for that, it's really hard to think of a way right now. but she is a very manipulative and adept liar. she has been caught lying i would say dozens if not more times on tape during her police interrogations. so if she takes the stand and tells some wild story, we don't know. again, it's a wildcard when you're dealing with somebody with this ability to make up stories. >> and is it her nature that's kept this thing from going to
12:25 pm
trial for four long years now? >> yes, well at one point, she even wanted to represent herself. she has used that ability to sort of massage and manipulate to delay judgment day but now it's upon us. her big decision is is she going to take the stand in her own defense. a lot of people say she would be crazy it do that because she's been caught lying so much that this would be the longest cross-examination in history by the prosecutors pointing out each and every one of her lies. however as we saw in the anthony case, you can prove somebody's a liar that doesn't always mean you can prove that they're a murderer. >> she will has developed a bit of a following in prison or jail after all that time. sheriff joe arpaio's maricopa county jail is not a nice place to be but she has developed a life there and a following. tell us about that. >> it's absolutely wild. an investigative reporter for a local station went into the jail and all of her cell mates are holding up signs that say free jodi.
12:26 pm
now, usually prisoners, people behind bars, fight with each other and they try to actually get something on the other person so they can use it as leverage to get some benefit in their own case. but in this case, she has managed to mesmerize everybody. she is spending time with behind bars. and that just speaks to they are see duckettive ability. we've heard that she had an incredible ability to seduce men. this is a predominantly male jury at this point until the alternates are pulled out. we don't know the final makeup but right now there's a lot of men on the jury. the question is could she seduce them in some way. >> jodi arias' lawyers are expected to begin their defense next tuesday when court resumes. actor ashton kutcher says playing apple founder steve jobs was hazardous to his health. one of the hottest stories online. we'll tell you about it just ahead. and everyone's favorite funny
12:27 pm
facebook friend george takei will join me live. he has a new book and a what else, unique take on his fame online. i need you. i feel so alone. but you're not alone. i knew you'd come. like i could stay away. you know i can't do this without you. you'll never have to. you're always there for me. shh! i'll get you a rental car. i could also use an umbrella. fall in love with progressive's claims service.
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12:29 pm
it's 3:30 p.m. on the east coast, 12:30 out west. for those of you just joining us, welcome to the "cnn newsroom." here's what's trending online right now. aker ashton kutcher is suffering from pancreatic problems. he says the problems were caused by a fruit only diet to portray steve jobs in a new biopic "jobs." pepsi is removing a controversial chemical from
12:30 pm
gator aids drinks. the ingredient found in fire retardants was used legally to keep the flavor evenly distributed. tina turner is becoming a swedish citizen. she's live inside a zurich suburb since the '90s. she can't imagine living anywhere else. turner is a native of tennessee. if there's anyone who knows about what's hot online, it's george takei with over 3 million likes on facebook, over a half million followers on twitter, he is clearly the man. actor, writer, director, dancer, singer, rights activisactivist. you may know him best as sulu from "star trek" and everyone's favorite real life lions and tigers and bears, oh, my. how is that for an intro? he joins us from new york to talk about his new book appropriately called "oh myy." thank you for being with us.
12:31 pm
why oh myyy? >> well, howard stern made that my signature. it's a common phrase that everybody uses. but he got it on tape and whenever someone says something outrageous or eccentric, he presses a button and my voice comes on saying oh my. so i thought why not use it as the title of my book. >> i'm thinking of my ring tone. you were teased by howard stern. are you guys friends? because it is very funny what he does. but you could have taken, you know, taken that in a knob way but you turned that into gold. >> well, he's a great guy. and someone that i admire. he's a brilliant interviewer. he won't let anyone get away with evasion or hiding or trying to not really forthrightly answer something. and if he doesn't get you to answer correctly this way, he'll
12:32 pm
answer -- i mean he'll ask this way and he'll ask that way and if he still can't get honesty, he'll ask this way. he'll get the truth one way or the other. >> yes, yes he will. may i say your age? >> you're 75 years old. this book is all about the internet. what's a guy like you slumming around the corners of the internet doing? >> well, people find it unusual for someone of my generation, but i had a driving reason to get myself familiar and fluent with the workings of social yamidia. we developed a play, a musical on the internment of japanese americans and to tell this story has been my life mission. and we are headed for broadway but we wanted to build an audience for it before we opened on broadway. and do that, you know, our subject matter is a challenging matter, subject matter to sell. it's about a dark chapter of
12:33 pm
american history, imprisoning innocent american citizens who hatched to be of japanese ancestry during the second world war and imprinking us simply because we looked like the people that bombed hear harbor. so we had a real marketing challenge and had to get the word out. that's why i started tweeting and facebooking about two years ago. and the audience just grew expo tensionally. it's amazing phenomenon how rapidly an audience grows, and how did i verse and vast that, the reach of that audience can be. and so the people out there are now well informed. and indeed, enthusiastic and excited about "allegiance," the musical we developed coming to broadway. and that's why i went on social media. >> but then it took off, the howard stern stuff sort of took off. you were in the cultural consciousness beak.
12:34 pm
but in your book, which is very funny, i read it on the plane out here. i was laughing at loud at points reading it. but you really got serious about tweeting and about to being online during the tsunami in japan, yes? >> well, that's the thing. you know, you can build that audience by having funny and comic and amusing things. that's how you get the friends. but with that vast audience, you have the opportunity to talk about serious things. and when the tsunami happened. japan and the horrific tragedy and the demolition and the loss of life and enormous damage caused by the impact of the tsunami on the nuclear power plant, and the way that the japanese responded to all that with such dignity and with such endurance, it was really impressive. and i was able to use that on
12:35 pm
social media to bring people, americans' help to the people of japan. i said when something horrible like this happens, we are all japanese. or we're all haitians or whatever, wherever the tragedy happens. and most recently, we're all people of sandy hook. >> yeah. oh, my, george, we do have to take a break. more with you just on other side. and later on, we're going to get you ready for the screen actor guilds awards. who's favored to take home one of these statues. erables
12:36 pm
12:37 pm
12:38 pm
you either leave this bloodied or with my blood on your swords. >> oh, my. if anything ever called for an oh myy it's that classic scene from "star trek." that is impressive. we're back talking with actor george takei. he's in new york, the author of the book "oh myy!"
12:39 pm
there goes the internet. you tweet such funny stuff. what's the funniest thing you tweeted or the cattiest? run us through some of those. >> you can be funny and also relevant and have a commentary on social or political situations. and one of them was when a tennessee politician tried to introduce a bill to make criminal the use of the word "gay" by teachers, which is ridiculous. it's outrageous. first of all, there is free speech in this country, the first amendment. and so this man doesn't even know our constitution. what i did was all right, if you're going to ban the use of the word "gay," my surname ta kay rhymes with gay so just use that as a substitute for the use of gay and you won't be jailed. so you can march in a ta kay
12:40 pm
pride parade or christmastime sing don we now our takei peril. the bill never made it to the floor. >> so doing it through humor obviously is something that's important. in the book you talk about your husband brad doing so much of the work and helping you out with this endeavor because you post so much funny stuff. people wonder iffed you have gnomes locked up in your basement trolling to find you the best stuff on the internet. how do you do it? >> yes, it's true. i do have to spend some time on a set or in a television studio or talking with print press. so i can't be doing it 24/7. what i do is, i have my hubby brad help me with it. he's the curator. you know, all of these funny means are sent in by my fans, my friends. and i just reshare them.
12:41 pm
but it's gotten so big, that we do need help. so we have a few interns that help us out. and though they are not locked up in the basement and they don't look like gnomes, they're disciplined energetic bright young kids. >> that's good to know. you've put a lot of mind at rest today for that. you really take on facebooking in this book which was interesting. you seem to indicate some of the problems the social networking giant has in balancing its desire to make a profit with its original focus of letting people hook up and have fun. tell us about that side of sort of bumping up foo thatthat -- i that in the online world. >> i was puzzled because sometimes when is we thought something that we thought was particularly funny or effective, it would suddenly disappear. we looked into it and then it would reappear again. and we discovered that there was
12:42 pm
a little manipulation being done by facebook. they were developing a new program that they called edge ranking. and depending on how much engagement with the fans that you have, they would not post for some of the people that weren't engaged. so it was a limited number of my friends that were getting my posts. and they offered us opportunity to pay for getting my posts up to everybody. and you know, i recognized that now facebook is a public company and they have stockholders to respond to. but nevertheless, you know, it was my effort and my wit that
12:43 pm
built the fan and they can't do that. so what we do is try to get as much engagement, responses and commentary and discussions going back and forth, likes and sharing, and that's what considered engagement. and so we are asking our fans to keep in touch with us regularly. >> going boldly where no social media person has gone before, thank you, mr. takei. very much. >> you are very. >> his new book "oh myy! there goes the internet" is available everywhere so get it. it's award season in hollywood. tomorrow night hollywood honors its best actors and actresses and gives out a lifetime achievement award. we'll tell you who's getting it. ♪
12:44 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
12:45 pm
♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here.
12:46 pm
well, it's awards season for hollywood's a list. tomorrow night, celebrities will line the red carpet in los angeles for a night of glitz and glamour. i'm talking about the 19th screen actors guild awards, the s.a.g. awards are chosen by actors and recognize outstanding performances in film and television. our critic grae drake joins us today. let's talk about one award getting a lot of buzz out there.
12:47 pm
"hyde park on hudson," when england's royal family visits fdr's home. let's take a quick look. >> so nice of you to come. >> mr. president. >> fib me for not getting up. >> so franklin invited hem here to the country where we could all relax. >> your mother has now told me for the tenth time not to call her royal highness elizabeth. >> do you mind if i call you elizabeth? >> no. >> and fib me, grae, you're with rotten, not fandango. >> yes, that's the 2013 version. >> sorry, i didn't take my ginkgo biloba this morning. >> listen, everybody has trouble with keeping up with me. hyde park on hudson is a movie everybody should watch first and foremost because of the unbelievable performances. bill murray is spectacular as fdr. he's almost unrecognizable as a comedian we've loved for decades. there's one little thing about this movie though. he was in a relationship with
12:48 pm
his distant cousin and that's what the movie kind of touches on. so it gets pretty crazy, and i was not prepared to see the great fdr in certain compromising positions. that's really throwing some people off. >> is it bill murray playing fdr, or is it a real fdr-like role? >> i think he's amazing. i think that he re-creates fdr in a time when daniel day-lewis is getting so many accolades for "lincoln." we should be talking about bill murray, as well. he's extraordinary. >> high praise. so what's it getting on the tomato meeter? >> well, i personally loved this movie because it took larger than live figures and made them very normal and accessible. critics aren't agreeing with me. it's 40% rotten right now. >> oh, that's not very good. >> i know, too shock i guess. >> who do you predict will be the best actor and best actress?
12:49 pm
>> i think it's going to be difficult as always to beat daniel day-lewis as lincoln. an unbelievable performance, but the thing i love about the s.a.g. awards is that this is actors honoring actors. so sometimes you get really off the wall choices as compared to other award ceremonies. so if i were a voter in the s.a.g. awards, i would cast my vote for john hawkesing in "the sessions," an unbelievable role where he plays a quadriplegic who wants very badly to experience intimate love and he calls in helen hunt. and i say give him some, hel been. that will move was great. >> a daring choice, may i say, grae. let's talk about dick van dyke honored with the lifetime achievement award. what do you think this means to him? chim chiminey. >> i think this is long overdue for such an unbelievable figure. i've been in love with him since i was a little kid watching him trip over an ottoman.
12:50 pm
ever since, i've learned of his so many accomplishments. stage, screen, and his philanthropy. he is still going. this man was born in i think 1925 or '35. he just seems more energetic than i am. i think this is a wonderful honor to give him. i'm sure it means the world to be honored by your peers. >> and i don't want to forget, we didn't want to leave out the actres. s.a.g. actress, who do you like? >> i love jessica chastain in zero dark thirty" but jennifer lawrence for silver linings. tough competition. i say s.a.g., look at helen mirren is amazing in "hitchcock." i've got my fingers crossed for her. >> you're always the contrarian, you're not going with the basic logicing. >> you know what? it's just -- it's engrained in me. i'm sure you find that very hard to believe. >> yeah, i do. that's a real stretch for me. thank you, my dear. you can get more from grae drake at rotten
12:51 pm
don't miss our live coverage from the red carpet from the screen apth ctors guild awards sunday night at 6:30 on cnn. have you heard about the har-bowl brothers? so what will dinner be like harbaugh house after one of them wins the nfl championship, and which coach has the upper hand? big brother john or baby brother jim? ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪
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12:54 pm
one named coach harbaugh will win the super bowl. another will lose it. that's because something that has never happened before is about to. cnn's brian todd explains. >> reporter: they have tried todownplay the family angle, but it's virtually impossible. >> i don't think you ever put your family aside, you know, but well, yeah, the priorities. yeah, we have jobs to do. all of us have a job to do. jim has a job to do, all his coaches, all our coaches, all our players. >> john harbaugh is talking about the fact he and jim are about to become the first brothers ever to be head coaches against each other in a super bowl. john's baltimore ravens against jim's san francisco 49ers. inundated with the story, sick of it already, the family still managed to have some fun when
12:55 pm
john snuck onto a conference call his parents were having with reporters. posing as a caller from baltimore. >> is it true that both of you like jim better than john? >> we do not. john? >> john harbaugh? hey, john. >> mom was ready to come right through this phone. i'm so happy that joanie recognized your voice. >> sister joanie recognizing the voice just in time. the parents vow to remain fiercely neutral on super sunday out of fairness and also knowing what their boys are made of. >> how sickly competitive are these guys? >> if both were in the dawner party, i don't know who would survive. >> their father spent 43 years as a high school and college coach. their stories have become instant legend. once when their dad was coaching western kentucky university,
12:56 pm
their program ran out of money, jim, then a quarterback, and john, volunteered to help the program for free. they turned it around, and nine years later, there school won a division i-aa national title, but there's also a provocative side. in little league baseball, jim once hit a girl batter with a pitch because she was crowding the plate. jim's anger for opposing coach for what one thought was running up a score, and one celebrating a win. in the super bowl -- >> two teams with ruthless coaches, vishing defense. what if things get out of hand and there are fights? >> two harbaughs s enter the sl cage and one leaves. >> i want to look at the post game hand shake, how much is genuine and how much is, well, i have to appear like i like my brother. >> they teams went at it once before on thanksgiving day 2011. >> i'm proud of him, i love him. i'm his biggest supporter. probably next to his wife, but you know, this week, we're just
12:57 pm
going to return a beat. >> that time, jim's 49ers lost to john's ravens. this time, their mom said she's hoping for a tie. >> good luck on that tie. speaking of sports, howard sat down for an extensive interview with bob costas to talk about his comments on gun control, the manti te'o controversy, and so much more. the interview will air tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern. here's a preview. >> i hathere have been a lot of sports controversies that have broken into the headlines and network news casts. manti te'o sits down with katie couric this week to speak about the imaginary girlfriend and the hoax and would you want to do that interview? >> i would have been at lest ambivalent, maybe leery because it seems lake a tabloid story. >> it's a great story who said he was honoring his girlfriend who had died, we learn this
12:58 pm
girlfriend who he had this online relationship with never exi exi existed. >> to me, there are two aspects that make this a story bigger than manti te'o, which would legitimize it. one, why is it necessary that we have all of the mythology that surrounds sports? i grew up a sports fan. i bought into a lot of that mythology, and i hope some of it is still true. >> again, you can check it all out tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern on reliable sources. >> ahead in our next hour is a serial killer lurking on the shores of long island in new york? a body has just been discovered on the island's north shore, but is it connected to ten other bodies found on the south shore? we've got the latest. at 1:45, the aflac duck was brought in
12:59 pm
with multiple lacerations to the wing and a fractured beak. surgery was successful, but he will be in a cast until it is fully healed, possibly several months. so, if the duck isn't able to work, how will he pay for his living expenses? aflac. like his rent and car payments? aflac. what about gas and groceries? aflac. cell phone? aflac, but i doubt he'll be using his phone for quite a while cause like i said, he has a fractured beak. [ male announcer ] send the aflac duck a get-well card at
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it's 4:00 p.m. on the east coast, 1:00 p.m. out west. for those of you just joining usering welcome do the "cnn newsroom." i'm miguel marquez in for fredricka whitfield. here are the top stories we're following. demonstrators are rallying in washington, demanding tougher gun control laws. several thousand activists weathered the cold weather to protest. they want a ban on the sale of semiautomatic rifles like the one used in the newtown, connecticut, school massacre. >> a long time democrat is
1:02 pm
ending his career. tom harkin of iowa will not seek re-election in 2014. he served in the house for ten years before iowa sent him to the senate in 1984. he also ran for president in 1982 but lost to his democrat nomination to bill clinton. extreme arctic weather is making this weekend unbearable for people in the dakotas all the way to new england. the cold is so bitter, water can't even flow out of this fire hydrant in new york. it turned rock solid as firefighters desperately chipped away at it. in the south, icy roads are blamed for this ten-car pile-up in cent kept last night. national weather service is warning bitterly cold, possibly deadly conditions will continue for much of the country through the weekend. u.s. government officials have confirmed there's been a cyberattack on the u.s. justice department. the secretive group ammaninous apparently were the ones who took over the site, belongs to the u.s. sentencing question.
1:03 pm
once it had control, the group threatened embarrassing disclosures about the department understand prosecutors stop going after hackers. emily schmidt is following the story for us. what are officials saying about the attack? >> the early morning move has prompted the u.s. government to react this afternoon. we have a new status update for you from the united states sentencing commission. it says early this morning, the commission's website was hacked and defaced. this site was quickly pulled down and is currently being restored. it will be fully functional, secure, and accessible as soon as possible. this is what it looked like earlier in the day as anonymous said it was declaring war on the u.s. government by taking over this website. it threatened to release information about the department of justice in what it calls warheads, they're named after u.s. supreme court justices. anonymous says the selection was
1:04 pm
very intentional and calling it symbolic, targeting the agency it believes has unfairly targeted hackers. earlier, the fbi responded. as richard mcfeeley said, we were aware as soon as it happened. we're handling it as a criminal investigation. we're always concerned when someone illegally accesses another person or government agency's network. anonymous included a youtube video along with its message just to underscore the message it was trying to get out. >> the government takes so many measures to prevent this sort of attack from happening. this group anonymous is known for being motivated for a variety of reasons. what sparked this attack? >> this attack, anonymous says, was sparked by the death of an internet activist named aaron schwartz. he committed suicide two weeks ago. he had really pushed the boundaries of the internet, things like rss feeds that some people consider beneficial, but
1:05 pm
trying to push the line on internet privacy. it landed him facing federal charges for computer fraud. could have landed him in jail as much as 35 years. this was a 26-year-old. his family says that those charges drew him to commit suicide. drove him to commit suicide. anonymous said that was really the final tipping point for them, why they're doing something they're calling operation last resort. is it just bluster or do they have a real threat here? that's what is being tried to figure out right now. >> thank you very much. with influenza rampant across the u.s., most people are taking extra precautions, but the same measures might not protect you from another illness that could knock you down for days. you can probably just call it the stomach bug. here's cnn's lisa sylvester with tips on how to avoid it. >> reporter: the norel virus. you may have heard of it before. there have been several outbreaks on cruise ships in
1:06 pm
recent years. it is a stomach bug. we're at the height of a new season with a new strain. it has spread through food or drink that has been contaminated. you can also get it if you touch a contaminated surface or object and put your hand to your mouth. symptoms include abdominal cramcramp s, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, it hits all of a sudden. >> very contagious, and other than cleaning the area, there's not a whole lot people can do about it. >> the norovirus is so contagious because it's so hardy. your typical hand sanitizer is not going to do it. a typical disinfecting wipe would be fine, for instance, with the flu virus. not the case with the norovirus. what you really need to do is wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. and when you wipe down surfaces, make sure you use a bleach based
1:07 pm
solution. most people infected recover after a few days. in rare cases, it can be fatal, particularly for the very old and very young, and those with weaker immune systems. according to the cdc, there are more than 20 million cases of the norovirus each year, resulting in about 800 deaths in the u.s. >> it's so infectious and requires such a low concentration of virus, it rapidly spreads through a population. that's why you see outbreaks in cruse ships, in dormitories, in places where people are in close contact with one another. >> top five ways of protecting yourself according to the cdc. wash your hands often. wash fruits and vegetables. cook shellfish thoroughly. clean surfaces and wash soiled laundry, and when you're sick, don't prepare food or care for others. >> just hearing about it makes me think i have it. great advice from lisa sylvester. >> burt reynolds is said to be doing better after being hospitalized for the flu. reynolds was dehydrated and
1:08 pm
placed in intensive care in a florida hospital. we'll keep you updated on his condition. >> there could be new developments in the chandra levy case. we have new information, new hearings on the case are being held behind closed doors. and a body discovered in long island, new york, why some fear it's the work of a serial killer.
1:09 pm
1:10 pm
1:11 pm
this one i'm standing in right now, here is my kitchen, there's my living room. there's my bedroom right over there. all this, imagine all of this just 300 square feet. it may seem small, but not in new york city. our mary snow has a story on microapartments. >> in a city tight on living space, things are about to get even tighter. so this one room is living room, bedroom -- >> dining room. >> everything? >> everything.
1:12 pm
>> these full-time living quarters are what is called a microapartment. squeezed into an area the size of a modest hotel room. >> there's the bed unit. then, if you don't want to look at the television, you have a bar. at the same time, you have a work space. and you have a desk. traditional ideas that have been updated in a modern, sexy, italian way. >> i can do this. >> pay a visit to some new yorkers who already live in tiny spaces. that modern sleekness may be tough to maintain. this microapartment which is a museum exhibit, is 2500 square feet. regulations require a minimum of 400 feet for new units, but the city is going to bend the rule for a project to build 55 microarments and reserving half for just below middle income
1:13 pm
residents. this curator said new york is following the lead of other places like tokyo and hong kong. >> high the need for these kind of apartments to live like this? >> because the city is going to have 600,000 more people, and a lot of those people are going to be single. and so they want smaller units that they can afford. >> what may buy a house in other parts of the country won't get you far in new york city. one major realtor in new york said the average price for a studio apartment is roughly $300,000. >> the average price here is $1.4 million. for that, you're getting just a small apartment. so even though this seems really expensive for new york, it's a bargain. >> a bargain for someone who thinks outside the box but is willing to live in one. mary snow, cnn, new york. now ahead, is a serial killer lurking the shores of long island, new york. a body has been discovered on the island's north shore. is it connected to ten other
1:14 pm
bodies found? we've got the latest. >> i'm dr. sanjay gupta. this is a spiker box. one of these along with a cockroach could make you an expert on the brain. >> try to make it simple enough to be used. familiar with cell phones or a laptop, and our equipment has one button on it. you turn it on. >> i have been enlightened by the neuroscience. you get a better understanding of the muscles, the brain. >> we're almost up to 100 high schools, but i'm greedy. we want that across all of the country. we don't just want one kid. we want every kid. >> this neuro scientist this sunday on the next list. like a lot of things, trying to find a better job can be frustrating. so at university of phoenix we're working with a growing
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new information has surfaced in the murder case of chandra levy, the 24-year-old former congressional intern who disappeared in 2001 amid reports she had been having an affair with then california congressman carry condit. prosecutors for the man convicted of chandra's murder are seeking a new trial for their client on the grounds that prosecutors withheld key information about a witness. >> a serial killer may be at work in long island, new york, and may have struck again. this week, a body of a young woman was found on the island's north shore. police are not saying whether there's a connection to any previous murders, but ten badies have been found near beaches on long island's south shore, creating suspicions that a serial killer is indeed at work. dr. helen morrison is a forensic psychiatrist. she joins me from chicago.
1:19 pm
doctor, what stands out to you when you look over the evidence of the bodies found in nassau county? >> first of all, the bodies were all found in similar geographic locations. they were not places that were highly visible, but what stood out to me was the fact that the woman who reported this find had walked her dog frequently in that area. so the question is, is there someone who is storing these victims? and then dumping them? the second thing is that although there were ten bodies found previously, it doesn't mean that a serious killer isn't the same person. although the body was a mile away, serial murderers are known for disposing of their victims in various geographical locations. >> so the new remains that they found, could they be linked to the previous killings? >> they could be. one of the things that people
1:20 pm
tend to forget is that serial killers change their way of murdering their victims. so they may strangle a group, they may stab a group or whatever, but they don't commit the crime in the same exact way all the time. so it's a definite possibility. >> on this latest body, there was a necklace found on this young woman or woman. what was the significance of that, do you think? >> one of the things that was found on this woman was a necklace with a pig. but the jewelry itself was made of 24-karat gold. 24-karat gold is not popular in the united states. it's too soft, and people don't like its color. it's more frequently found in places like india and the far east. so is the possibility that this victim is of a different ethnic group has to be considered by the investigators. >> interesting. and as investigator s sift
1:21 pm
through all of this with all of the bodies, what do they need to keep in mind as they go through all this stuff? >> they have to keepi in mind, they have to have an open mind. they can't say, oh, this is just one victim because of some hit and run grudge, but they also have to think that just because they have ten bodies, they have to look at this victim as a completely new find. and not put her in a box. so to speak. >> dr. morrison, thank you very much for joining us. dr. morrison is also the author of "my life among the serial killers." doctor, thanks again. >> changing gears now. awards season continues in hollywood. we'll get you ready for the next big affair. the screen actors guild awards. who do you think the favorite to walk away with one of the statues? but first, here is dr. sanjay gupta with a presvie of his show which is just moments away. >> i'm going to share this big
1:22 pm
investigation into the flame retardant chemicals that are almost everywhere we turn. here is one big surprise. they may not work as advertised. >> i'm also talking to hannah storm. she's talking about a serious accident that left her with second degree burns. all this coming up at 4:30 p.m. eastern. ñe
1:23 pm
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
in florida, a slaughter is using a ancient law to stay in a mansion. but the bank's now making its move to reclaim the property and
1:26 pm
kick the squatter out. >> for weeks, neighbors knew there was trouble at this formerly empty home. >> i got an e-mail saying there were intruders living in the house. >> the 23-year-old had somehow gotten in and was claiming the house as his. citing the little known adverse possession law. >> i walked around the back of the house and noticed they had changed out all of the locks. >> after neighbor outrage led to international news coverage, the owner of the house, bank of america, has fired back, filing a lawsuit to force out barbosa and his friends, some of whom drove off thursday, their license plate taped over. barbosa is a squatter in wrongful possession of the home without permission or consent. it asked for a permanent injunction restraining barbosa and others from trespassing on the property. but some are questioning how he came up with the scheme in the first place. >> i had heard that the theory
1:27 pm
is that he's working for somebody else. he's just a warm body that has to occupy the body to make it legal because i don't know how he would have found this law that most of us have never heard of. >> that squatter was driving a mercedes. not expecting that. that was terry parker with our affiliate. >> and here's what's trending online right now. do you believe in big foot? people in oregon may for good reason. some folks near an indian reservation say they have been waking up to some strange sounds coming from a nearby forest. sounds they have never heard before and not like the wildlife they're used to. it's official. jj abrams will direct the next star wars film. it will be the first star wars movie since disney acquired lucas films. abrams directed the 2009 "star trek" movie and directed
1:28 pm
"mission impossible, ghost protocol." if you're still on a high from the golden globes, brace yourself because hollywood is set for another round of it. the 19th annual screen actors guild awards honoring the best actors and actresses in tv and films. and nischelle turner has more. >> reporter: the pantheon of hollywood honors, you might call the s.a.g. awards a sassy teenager. >> the 19th annual screen actors guild awards. >> it's a big deal, film and tv mixing together, and it's the recognition of your peers, unlike any other ceremony in hollywood. >> and like other teens, this one has strong opinions and is often a trend setter. >> very much so what happens at the screen actors guild awards can be a precursor to what's going to happen at the oscars. >> john says earlier awards this season have given some s.a.g. nominees momentum.
1:29 pm
>> performances were great in so many of the movies. anne hathaway inial les mis. jennifer lawrence in "silver linings playbook." daniel day-lewis in "lincoln." >> cast in a motion picture is still a horse race. >> this is what i do and i have never left anyone behind. >> we have great movies, argo, les miserabels. it's what everyone is talking about. >> when they're not talking about tv drama. >> homeland has been winning everything in sight. but not maybe the ensemble in the way "boardwalk empire" is, and then you have "mad men" and "breaking bad" lurking there, going what about us? >> as for the comedy dejour? >> girl